RED MAGIC 7 12 GB Ram128 GB Obsidian TRA

  • Brand: Red Magic
  • Model REDMAGIC 7
$ 699.98 Inclusive of VAT
  • Fast forward to victory
  • Flagship Chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • 165Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming Screen
  • ICE8.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System
  • 500Hz Dual Shoulder Triggers
Sold by SpiderNet Technology
warranty Warranty 1 Year

RED MAGIC 7 12 GB Ram128 GB Obsidian TRA


Hardcore Aesthetics, know The authority

sit out and take the lead in your games and phraseology with the REDMAGIC 7

and its grand designs. We’ve taken a transparent project indeed further with the REDMAGIC 7

by fully encircling the backplate with transparent accouterments and glass.

Snapdragon ® 8 Gen 1

Qualcomm’s rearmost and most important chip yet. The erected-in Adreno GPU is now 25 more effective and renders plates 30 faster. Paired with Kryo CPU and 7th word AI, it's 4 moments faster

whirlwind TO PERCEIVE

165Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming movie

The fastest refresh rate for the fastest frames. Up to 165Hz fare rate on a6.8- elevation AMOLED HD full exposition movie. Supports 60, 90, 120, and 165Hzmulti-level adaptations, to best-fit frame rate pets of any game for a clearer and further profound visual experience to more enthrall yourself into the action.

Touch Choreographer4.0 Magic GPU2.0 Stable High- Celerity Frames

For optimal frame classes in any game, REDMAGIC uses the rearmost adaptive frame rate tech with Touch Choreographer4.0. The REDMAGIC 7 also loads the game world and illustrations in real-time to produce a conciliator consequently there's no stuttering or quality loss.

720HzMulti-finger Touch Testing Rate

The player that shoots first triumphs. consequently, we made the touch reaction rate super presto, as presto as7.4 ms on the REDMAGIC 7 so you can keep one step ahead.

DC Dimming Eye Protection Certification

DC darkening reduces stroboscopic goods and helps help eye strain. pukka by SGS for low filthy light eye security and SGS for low stir blur definitive eye security instrument.

whirlwind TO COOL OFF


Chilling System

Air- chilling Liquid- chilling Heat disbanding Accoutrements Aerospace Grade Phase Change Accoutrements

REDMAGIC uses active and unresistant heat dispersion styles connected to form an a multi-dimensional cooling system. It can effectively keep running cool indeed during violent gameplay, icing optimal interpretation throughout your gaming.

Air Channel

The special air channel discharges the heat from the REDMAGIC7 snappily. REDMAGIC 7’s hinder cover includes an appended air input which greatly enhances the air measure and further enhances the heat dispersion interpretation.

RPM * High- celerity Turbo Fan

New Composite Phase Change Heat Material

The aerospace-grade phase revises heat dispersion substance captures the heat inside the REDMAGIC 7 in a tardy-ruled manner for better nonstop interpretation.

Super Soft And largely Thermally Conductive Coagulant

A thermal trace, speeding heat down from the CPU right to the turbofan and blowing it down in storytime.

working out in tandem with the erected-in turbofan, the REDMAGIC 7 cooling system interpretation is bettered by 80

Whirlwind TO encumber

REDMAGIC meliorated interpretation

REDMAGIC necromancy Write improves reading and writing pets. Write fragile lines 10 moments faster and boost operation installation celerity by 30. RAM Boost mind expansion technology intelligently controls mind allocation to get the most out of the REDMAGIC RAM and mind. LPDDR interpretation swelled by further than 10.

Whirlwind TO CHARGE

65W GaN Magic Charger In Box

Out of authority? Take a break, snare a snack, and by the time you’re ago, you’ll be charged up again to go another loop! REDMAGIC has streamlined to the 65W GaN whirlwind bowl for the REDMAGIC 7, a featherlight, fragile, and safe whirlwind-charging slipup that's also compatible with a wide variety of biases.

4500mAh double-barreled- Cell Battery

By espousing GaN Flash whirlwind Charge tech, you can charge your phone to 100 in 25 mins with the REDMAGIC 7’s comprehended 65W whirlwind bowl. For those super long gaming marathons, REDMAGIC 7 also supports REDMAGIC’s Charge Separation to bypass the battery to authority the phone, helping the battery stay cool and drag its lifetime.

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