Diller MLH8690 Food Container
Diller MLH8690 Food Container

Diller MLH8690 Food Container

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Product Description

Having food at your time of travel or at work and even where you do not have access to food is essential. But the type of container you use to carry food is important. The MLH8690 Diller Dish is the   perfect choice for your health food. This product has sturdy, lightweight steel body. You can also wash it and use it again easily to carry food. This mess has two caps, which can be used as a bowl. For easy carrying of this product, a bag is designed to carry it with this bag or carry it in your bag. The MLH8690 Diller Dish is designed in one dimensional capacity. If you look for a quality dish that takes up a small amount of space inside the bag, this product will be considered selective.

The MLH8690's Diller Dish is one of the products that can be a good suggestion for traveling, picnics, workplaces and even daily use. This container is designed just like a flask and occupies very little space. This product has some interesting features in this section we will name some of them.

Design and construction

This dish is made in such a way that it can keep food fresh for a longer time, compared with most of the dishes. After pouring food into the compartment, tighten the first cap on the container. There is a button on the lid that can squeeze out the air inside the container. This is also called vacuuming. With the air out of the chamber, the food will remain fresh for a few hours. The first cap is fully fastened on the body and prevents leakage of food.

The MLH8690 also has another cap that can be used as a bowl in addition to preventing the outflow of food from the inside, so without the

need for a separate container you can feed the inside of the chamber into the same cap. The cap is open and closed in a screwdriver.

This dish is made from stainless steel to provide good strength and strength. In addition, the stainless steel used in this product can help keep the temperature of hot and cold foods hot for a short while.

Another important feature of the Diller Dish is designing and making a bag for easy carrying. This bag is made of sturdy cloth and is opened

and closed in a zipper; in addition, it has a small bundle on top of it, so you can easily carry the casserole anywhere.

It goes without saying that this dish can be used to hold and carry hot and cold foods. Of course, this dish will be very useful for traveling, but also for work, climbing, nature tourism and more. The Diller body of the MLH8690 has a decent life span and will keep its coccy if it does not collide with its hard surfaces.


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