Diller - 388MLH-345, Thermostatic Capacity 0.4 liters
Diller - 388MLH-345, Thermostatic Capacity 0.4 liters

Diller - 388MLH-345, Thermostatic Capacity 0.4 liters

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Diller - 388MLH-345




Looking at the 388 MLH-345 thermometer, it does not look like a thermos container of 0.4 liters, but it can be considered as a convenient and low-quality cup for everyday use. It has a glassy and clear body and you can easily see the contents inside it, and add liquid to it as needed. Having a veneer in the middle of the thermos has made the product easy to handle, and it does not go away to damage its glass body. It should be noted that there is also a screw on the bottom of the thermos that you can open it. By opening it, you can use it as a filter to drink your juices and fluids. The 388 -MLH-345 thermometer has a capacity of 0.4 liters, and has the capacity and capacity to carry in the bag, and will be carefully selected in hot weather to quench thirst.





The thermos are essential supplies, especially with summer water and hot air. Thermoses have different body material and can be made of plastic, glass or metal. The 388MLH-345 Thermometer model has a capacity of 0.4 liters, one of the highest quality and unique products for everyday use and sports activities. Thermostatic Dollar Model 388MLH-345 Capacity 0.4 liters




The 388MLH-345 thermometer has a capacity of 0.4 liters and is made up of two stainless steel plates that are at the top and the bottom of the thermos and both can be opened. But the part is opened in a screwdriver and used to fill or empty the thermos of liquids. The bottom part is also seen as a grid, which is used to separate the liquid and drink it comfortably. The end portion also opens and you can tear the net from the thermos. Most athletes use this feature to drink fluids.



Thermostatic Model

The 388MLH-345 Thermostatic Model has a 0.4-liter capacity similar to a flask, but it does not have the ability to keep the temperature, and it can be used daily to drink liquids, even removing solids and liquids. This product has all the features of a thermos only to prevent collisions or damage to the body.




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