LED Samsung LS24SD332 27 Inch ,FHD,75hz,1ms
LED Samsung LS24SD332 27 Inch ,FHD,75hz,1ms

LED Samsung LS24SD332 27 Inch ,FHD,75hz,1ms

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Product Description

LED Samsung LS24SD332 27 Inch ,FHD,75hz,1ms

Super-Fast 1ms Response Time

The super-fast 1ms response time lets you see even the fastest action smoothly in your movies and games.

Dedicated Game Mode

Game mode ensures you enjoy every scene by delivering dark blacks and instantly optimizing screen colors and contrast.

Flicker Free Technology

Flicker Free technology protects your eyes from the constant strain caused by flickering screens, so you can work and enjoy reading, playing games, watching movies, and editing photos for longer without eye fatigue.


Energy-saving auto brightness setting fluidly adjusts display brightness based on the luminescence of screen blacks to reduce energy consumption.

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